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BK Radio DRH Rack Mount Repeater | Bendix King

BK Radio DRH-01-100 P25 Repeater

P25 Digital Repeater

King Radio DRH01-100 Two-way Radio Repeater
The DRH-01-100 is a rack mount APCO P25 repeater.  This unit is capable of passing on encrypted messages, versatile in design, and is built to last.  End users have the option of AC or DC power supplies and have full control over the DRH with RELM’s intuitive software.  Program and modify the unit to your specifications on your PC by way of USB.  After programming, receive and transmit LED lights will confirm the repeater’s day in and day out operation.  The DRH-01-100 is built for your convenience at a price fit for today’s budget. 


Owners Manual

SPEC DRH01-100

Channel Spacing  12.5 kHz
Channel Increments 12.5 kHz
Operational Bandwidth 38 MHz
Operation Temp Range -30° C to +60° C
Input Voltage 110 AC
Antenna Connectors Type 'N' Female
Antenna Impedance  50 Ohm (TX/RX)
Programming Port USB
Desktop Standard Rack Mountable Option
Weight 13 lbs.
Size (W x D x H)    17" x 13" x 5"
Frequency Range  406 - 450 MHz (50W & 100W)  136 - 174 MHz (50W & 100W)
RF Power Output    50W / 100W
Frequency Stability    1.5%
Frequency Range  406 - 450 MHz  136 - 174 MHz
Sensitivity    -119 dBm (UHF) -121 dBm (VHF)
Adjacent Channel Rejection    60 dB
Spurious and Images    80 dB