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BK Radio GMH Rear Mount Mobile Radio

BK Radio GMH Rear Mount Programmable Mobile GMH5992R


 BK Radio GMH Rear Mount Mobile Radio

The smallest VHF 50-watt mobile radio in its class, the GMH is PC-programmable, field-programmable, and with Flex-Mode capability may be programmed by channel and/or by group using 12.5/15 kHz and/or 25/30 kHz channel spacing. Easy to use, easy to customize to your specific requirements.

136-174 MHz VHF
400 channels, 25 user groups, 16 channels per group
Superior audio quality and clarity
15-50 watts programmable RF power
Available in alternate configurations as BK Radio GRH tactical repeater or as BK Radio GBH/GBV desktop base station
GRH Analog Tactical Repeater
GBH/GBV Analog Desktop Base Station
Programmable soft switches and options, programmable "Smart-Mic" selections
Dash-mount and Remote-mount configurations
Enhanced built-in CTCSS/CDCSS code guard for finding best signal path without changing channels
Rock-solid reliability - meets rugged MIL-STD 810 specs
Cloning technology transfers information from one radio to another radio automatically
FLASH technology enables future enhancements without hardware changes, instead adding software capabilities quickly and easily
Channel and priority (dual priority) scan, talkback scan, selectable group scanning
Upgrade option from BK Radio GMH mobile analog radios to DMH mobile digital radios with addition of unique component - allows lower-cost two-stage migration from analog to digital APCO P25 capabilities.
Vacuum florescent display - easy to see and read at a glance
Nuisance channel delete