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BK Radio KNG Mobile Accessories

BK Radio KNG Mobile Accessories


KAA0258 Microphone, Desktop, KNG-BASE or Mobile Radios

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  KAA0276 Standard Handheld Microphone KNG-Mobiles

KAA0276 Standard Mobile Mic for KNGM series



KAA0290 Handheld Programming Microphone KNG Mobiles

KAA0290 Programing mic for KNG M series


KAA0261 External Speaker 20W, 4 Ohm, W/ Mounting Bracket

KAA0261 External Speaker KNG M series



KAA0647 Aux. / Speaker Cable Assembly

KAA0647 Speaker Cable Assem.



Installation Kits


KAA0630 Kit Install, Bracket & PWR Cord KNG-M Series Mobile Dash Mount Kit Install, Bracket & PWR Cord

KAA0630 Install kit for KNG M series



KAA0635 Cable Assy Remote Mount 8' 

Remote Mount Cable 8'


KAA0636 Cable Assy Remote Mount 17' KNG-M

Remote Mount Cable 17'



KAA0637 Cable Assy Remote Mount 25'

BK Radios 25' Remote Cable



KAA0638 Kit Install Remote Mount KNG-M

Remote Head Install Kit


KAA0670 Remote Control Head for KNG Mobiles (Comes with KAA0638 to interface with the KNG Mobile).


KAA0660 Remote Control Head Plug & Play KNG-Mxxx (Comes with KAA0638 Install Kit)

KNG Remote Control Head




KAA0661 Remote Control Head Cover KNG Mobiles

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Options & Upgrades


KAA0154 High Power, 110W KNG-M150

100 Watt Upgrade KNG M150





KAA0569 P25 9600 Baud Trunking

KZA0569 Trunking Option KNG M series





KAA0580 OTAR Over the Air Re-keying. (Trunking & Conventional )

Over the Air Re-keying KNG M


KAA0583 Factory Installed Vote Scan

  Vote Scan for KNG M series




KAA0589 Field or Factory Installed GPS Option for KNG Mobiles

GPD Option KNG P series


KAA0592 Field or Factory Installed, OTAP (Over the Air Programming), Trunking, KNG-Mxxx

 BK Radios OTAP      




KZA0576 Factory Install DES / AES Encryption

KZA0577 DES/AES Encryption KNG P series




KZA0580 Factory Install P25 Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR)

KZA0580 OTAR Option for KNG P series






KAA0701 Legacy / KNG Cloning Cable Portable & Mobile

BK Radios KNG/Legacy Cloning Cable




KAA0710 KNG Programming Cable USB

BK Radios KNG Programming Cable




KAA0732 Editing Software, KNG-P & M w/Trunking

BK Radio KNG P&M Programming Software




KZA0903 Frequency, etc. Programming at the Factory KNG

Over the Air Programming KNG P



Extended Warranties


LFW0012 Extended Warranty to 3 Years

3 Year Extended Warranty





LFW0024 Extended Warranty to 4 Years

4 Year Extended Warranty





LFW0036 Extended Warranty to 5 Years

5 Year Extended Warranty