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King Radio Relm RM800 Base Station VHF UHF

BK Radio RM800 Base Station

Critical Communications Made Easy
BK Radio RM800 Base Station
The RMV800A VHF and RMU800A UHF Base Stations offer the features and functions you want and need in a powerful, compact, state-of-the-art package. The result is an exceptionally versatile radio with cost-performance value unavailable elsewhere.

$1331.00 RM880B UHF

  $1331.00 RM800B VHF

Ready to go Base Station, Includes Mic, Plug and Play. We will program up to 50 Frequencies for you for Free. Call or Email your List.
512 channels with dynamic zoning, 256 programmable zones
136-174 MHz VHF or 450-512 MHz UHF
12.5/15KHz narrowband, 25/30 KHz wideband channel spacing, software controlled for each channel independently
Single zone scan, multiple zone scan and list zone scan
RF output - 50/15/5-watts VHF; 45/15/5-watts UHF, user selectable
5-watt internal speaker; 12-watt external speaker optional
Built-in 1200/2400bps MSK modem for data transmission
Scan add/delete, dual priority channel, nuisance channel delete, operator-selectable priority channel
Ignition-sensing power off
Time-out timer
Compact, lightweight, ready to install; optional remote-mount control head
Voice compander for exceptional audio quality and clarity
PC- and front-panel-programmable for easy customization
MDC 1200 Encode/Decode with emergency features
Two-Tone send and receive pager with four tone pairs per channel
Wireless cloning transfers information from mobiles automatically over the air
User-selectable CTCSS/CDCSS tone and digital code guard
FLASH technology enables future enhancements via software
Radio password and data password protected
Emergency siren, public address via external speaker
RM800 Specs

Channels 512
Frequency Range
136 - 174 MHz VHF
450 - 512 MHz UHF
Zone Capacity 256
Channel Spacing 25/30 and 12.5/15 KHz
Operating Voltage 13.6 VDC +/-15%
Receive Current Drain < 2.0 A
Transmit Current Drain < 8 A (25W), < 12 A (50W)
Operating Temperature -30°C to +60°C
Weight 4.2 lbs.
Stability    +/- 2 PPM
Antenna 50 Ohm
Sensitivity (wide/narrow) 0.28/0.35uV
Selectivity (wide/narrow) 75/65 dB
Intermodulation (wide/narrow) 75/63 dB
Spurious Response Rejection 85 dB 80 dB
S/N (wide/narrow) 48/42 dB
RF Power Output 50/15/5 Watts VHF 45/15/5 Watts UHF
Spurious and Harmonics -36 dBm <1 GHz (25W VHF)
-33 dBm <1 GHz (50W VHF)
-36 dBm <1 GHz (25W UHF)
-28 dBm < 1GHz (45W UHF)
Hum and Noise 48 (wide) 42 (narrow) dB
Audio Distortion +/- 3 %
Modulation F3E