Command Zones: Radio programming software allows any radio zone to be designated as a Command Zone. A radio user in the field can then populate any command zone with channels from other zones in the radios. Command zones provide a user in the field the ability to quickly build a new zone as appropriate for the current incident.

Continuously Rotating Channel Knob: For users desiring the ability to select more than 16 channel positions using the radio channel knob, the KNG2-P150CMD transceiver is available as an option. Similar in operation to most mobile radio channel selector switches, this allows for a dynamic number of channels per zone. When the selector reaches the last channel in the zone, the radio can automatically reset to the first channel with an audible tone, or an optional soft stop can be programmed. Radios with the 16 channel position knob still allow more than 16 channels per zone. However, channels 17 and above must be selected using the radio keypad.

Legacy Cloning: The new KNG2-P Series portable radios will clone to/from the legacy DPHX/DPH-CMD/DMH Series radios. This will enable direct field implementation of the KNG portables, in conjunction with the legacy DPHX, DPH-CMD, and DMHX radios that are still used in service with the US Forest Service, Cal Fire, BLM, BIA, US Military, etc.  (Requires KAA0701 Universal Cloning Cable)

BK Technologies KNG2 Series radios have now been expanded to include additional features first introduced in BK Technologies DPHX-CMD family of products.  KNG Command radios have a robust wildland fire feature set which includes keypad programming, radio-to-radio cloning, Code Guard Picklists, NAC Picklists, and Talk Group Picklists. In addition to these features, we’ve made some design modifications that came at the request of the firemen, like longer toggle switches, and a continuous channel selector.

Buttons and Functions

BK Fire Radios KNG2 Bottom


1-6 Watts RF Power Output

Extend the radio’s reach with up to 6 Watts of signal clarity. High and low settings are programmable by channel for power efficiency.

512 Programmable Quick Call ID’s

Connect with select radio users easily and ASAP through BK Technologies® Quick Call function.

Problem Prevention Features

The Keypad lock prevents you from accidentally hitting a button that may activate functions unintentionally.

DVSI AMBE+2 Version 1.80 Vocoder

The version 1.60 Vocoder provides improved RF performance in a variety of degraded signal conditions. It also provides enhanced audio signal conditioning which improves system performance in the presence of background noise.

Superior Audio Quality

The KNG comes equipped with a 1.6” diameter speaker, giving you the loudest and clearest sound with the least distortion.

Custom Programming

Our intuitive menu system and feature set is fully customized to fit your everyday needs.


The KNG Two-way Portable Command Radios has gone through rigorous testing and meets or exceeds military requirements.

Field or USB Programmable

Ease of use. The KNG Two-way Portable Command Radios can be programmed via USB port on virtually any PC.

Talk Around

This feature allows you to bypass or “talk around” a repeater for a direct connection.

5000 Channels, Dynamic Grouping

Custom-tailored user groups can be programmed into the KNG by radio users and can also be field changed or reprogrammed whenever necessary.

Channel/Priority/Dual Mode/Group Scan

Find an available channel for communications: scan by channel, priority channel, or scan by groups, one group at a time. Dual Mode Scan allows you to simultaneously scan conventional and trunked radio systems.

Birdie Free

Only BK Technologies® goes the extra mile to create a truly birdie free radio, which means there are no blacked out frequencies on our portable.

Text Messaging

Users sending text messages receive an acknowledgement that deliver of the message was successful. Text Messages can be sent radio-to-radio or can be repeated through fixed network equipment.

Long Battery Life

The KNG works as long as you do, putting in 12+ hours of reliable communication everyday. Upgrade to the KAA0101, a compact 3600 mAH battery and boost your battery life to 16+ hours.

Waterproof IP67/IP68 Rating

Dust tight and waterproof – the KNG Portable is especially designed to withstand 30 minutes of water immersion at 1 meter depth.

APCO Project 25

The KNG Two-way Portable Command Radios meet or exceed APCO P25 standards.

Emergency Signaling

KNG series radios support emergency calls and emergency alarms at the touch of the orange button.