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Includes KNG P150 Portable, Long Range Antenna, Li-Ion Battery, Charger, Speaker Mic, and Nylon Case.

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The KNG Series is a very flexible radio platform, to order options (trunking, encryption, GPS, etc.) go here: Options


  • 1-6 Watts RF Power Output
  • 5000 Channels, Dynamic Grouping
  • 100 Programmable Quick Call ID’s
  • Busy Channel Selections
  • Channel/Priority/Dual Mode/Group Scan
  • Problem Prevention Features
  • Birdie Free
  • DVSI AMBE+2 Version 1.60 Vocoder
  • Text Messaging
  • Superior Audio Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Custom Programming
  • Waterproof IP67/IP68 Rating
  • MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F/G
  • APCO Project 25
  • Large LCD Display
  • Field or USB Programmable
  • Talk Around
  • Emergency Signaling