What’s in the box? Radio, Standard Microphone, Power Cord, Bracket and Owners Manual, if you need a Programming mic go here:

BK Mobile Accessories



136 – 174 MHz VHF
240 channels, 15 user groups, 16 channels per group
Superior audio quality and clarity
15 – 50 watts programmable RF power
Programmable soft switches and option, programmable “Smart-Mic” selections
Dash-mount and remote-mount configurations
Enhanced built-in CTCSS/CDCSS code guard for finding best signal path without changing channels
Meets rugged MIL-STD 810 specs
Cloning technology transfers information from one radio to another radio automatically.
FLASH Technology enables future enhancements without hardware changes, instead adding software capabilities quickly and easily.
Channel and priority (dual priority) scan, talkback scan, selectable group scanning.
User-Selectable Code Guards
User Selectable Scan
Dual Priority Scan
Talkback Scan
Nuisance Channel Delete
Transmit Time-Out-Timer
Soft Switch Programming
Code Guard Squelch (CTCSS)
Digital Code Guard (CDCSS)
Busy Channel Lockout
Busy Channel Indicator
Frequency display

Channels 240
Frequency Range 136 – 174 MHz
Alphanumeric Display Vacuum Fluorescent
DTMF Encode With LAA0290 Microphone
Standby Current Drain 500 mA
Receive Current Drain 1.0 Amps
Transmit Current Drain 16.0 Amps
Operating Temperature -30°C to +60°C
Size (W x D x H in.) 6 x 9.38 x 2.12 in.
Weight 5 lbs.
Stability    +/- 2.5 PPM
Channel Spacing    25/30 and 12.5/15 KHz
Channel Increments    2.5/6.25 KHz
Antenna 50 Ohm Mini UHF Connector

Sensitivity: 12db SINAD -118 dBm
Selectivity 75 dB (wide) / 70 dB (narrow)
Spurious including Image 80 dB
Intermodulation 75 dB (wide) 63 dB (narrow)
Audio Output @ 5% Distortion 4 Watts
Audio Load 3.2 Ohms

RF Power Output 15 to 50 Watts
Spurious and Harmonics 80 dB
Hum and Noise 50 dB
Audio Distortion 3 %
Modulation 16K0F3E, 11K0F3E