• These Radios have been discontinued, and are no longer available.

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500 Channels, 25 User Groups, 20 Channels per Group


Channels    500
Operating Voltage    10 V. NOM.
Operating Frequency Range    136-174 MHz
Operating Temperature    -30°C to +60°C
Standby Current Drain    20 mA
Stability    +/-2.5 PPM
Channel Increments    2.5/6.25 KHz
Operating Frequency Spread    38 MHz
Size- W x D x H std. battery
Lrg. Battery    2.55 x 1.5 x 6.6 in
2.55 x 1.5 x 7.8 in
Weight std. battery
Lrg. Battery    20 oz.  24 oz


Sensitivity    0.25 uV
Selectivity    -72 dB (wide), -60 dB (narrow)
Spurious Including Image    75 dB
Intermodulation    70dB
Max. Audio Output (5% dist.)    500 mW
Audio Response (per EIA)    +1/-3 dB

RP Power Output    5/1.5 Watts
Modulation    16K0F3E/11K0F3E
Spurious and Harmonics    60 dB
Hum and Noise (per TIA)    50 dB (wide), 45 dB (narrow)
Audio Distortion    3%
Audio Response (per EIA)    +1/-3 dB