Did you know there were 52,113 wildfires in the United States during 2020? The acres that were burned during the 2020 season had almost double that of the 2019 fire season. 

Many people experienced the devastation of the 2020 fire season firsthand. Not only were the fires disastrous to wildlife and landscapes, but they also made the air quality unhealthy for hundreds of miles. 

If you live in a dry area, you may have experienced a wildfire at some point in your life. Having a fire come close to your home can be terrifying. The good news is, wildfires are preventable. 

Wildfire prevention is an important aspect of keeping people safe in dry areas. Learn about the steps to prevent wildfires here!

Pay Attention To Fire Risk Warnings

If you live in a dry area, one of the first ways to prevent wildfires is to pay attention to what local fire authorities are saying where you live. 

Many towns will have signs that show the current risk of wildfires due to current weather situations. You can also find out what the current fire risk is on your local weather websites. 

Places with high wildfire risk will provide several different ways to inform yourself about current fire conditions so you can be prepared and stay up to date. 

Make sure to pay attention to extreme temperatures, drought warnings, and wind conditions to prepare yourself for fire risks better. 

Dispose Of Cigarettes In A Safe Way

Many wildfires have started my improper disposal of cigarettes. Just by throwing your used cigarette out of the car window, you could potentially start a devastating wildfire. 

If you live in a dry area, it won’t take long for a fire to start by forgotten or misplaced cigarettes. If you are wondering how we can prevent wildfires and use cigarettes, you can make sure they are disposed of safely. 

Something as small as a cigarette can destroy acres of land and put wild firefighters at risk, so smoke responsibly! 

Make Sure Your Campfire Is Extinguished 

With about 85 percent of wildfires being caused by humans, finding solutions to prevent wildfires is important. One of the biggest ways humans will start a wildfire on accident is by leaving campfires unattended. 

When you are camping, make sure your campfire is completely extinguished before you leave the area. Pour more water than you think is needed to ensure that the embers have completely died out fully.

Also, be sure that you don’t go to sleep with the fire still burning. This could put you and your campsite in danger and all of the wildlife around you. 

To best prevent wildfires, refrain from building campfires in dry areas. Many dry areas will even prohibit campfires completely during wildfire season. Following local fire guidelines can save hundreds of acres of land from burning.

Be Cautious With Fireworks

As summer approaches, many people will be taking part in Independence Day activities or using fireworks in general. Fireworks and sparklers are both very common to use and also both super dangerous in fire season. 

If you celebrate with fireworks, make sure you keep wildfire prevention in mind and only use fireworks in clear areas without trees or dry grass. Make sure you are in a very open space to set off the fireworks in a safe way.

Make sure you also check to see if there are any restrictions on fireworks. If it is too dry in your area, it may not be safe to use fireworks at all. It is always safest to check with local fire authorities to prevent wildfires. 

Stay Off The Grass

Driving on grass can be dangerous in dry areas. The exhaust of your vehicle can ignite dry grass and can quickly create a raging inferno. Driving or even parking on grass can be a risk for starting a wildfire. 

While it may be inconvenient to drive a little farther for a parking spot in a crowded park, or you planned on going offroading, keeping your vehicles off of the grass in dry conditions will keep you and everyone else safer. 

Be Cautious When Using Flammable Liquids. 

You may not think twice about spilling a couple of drops of gasoline when filling up your lawnmower or ATV, or if your lighter fluid drips onto the ground when you are starting up your grill, but just a small amount can mean disaster.  

Flammable liquids can be hazardous, especially during fire season. Their entire purpose is to start a fire. Even if you don’t set a spark to it, someone else might. 

A simple spark can create a much bigger fire when it falls on gasoline or lighter fluid. When using these liquids, take extra precautions to ensure you are working to prevent wildfires. 

Report Unattended Fires

If you come across an abandoned campfire while hiking or see smoke rising from the woods during fire season, report it immediately by calling your fire department or 911. 

You could potentially save a massive fire from spreading just by saying something. Using your voice is an important part of wildfire prevention.

Always Keep Wildfire Prevention In Mind

You don’t have to live in fear if you incorporate wildfire prevention tactics into your everyday life. Living in dry areas can be scary when your family and home are at the mercy of a huge wildfire. The good news is they are preventable. 

Practicing ways to prevent wildfires, like being mindful of flammable substances and dousing campfires in water until they are cold, will ensure the safety of the people and wildlife around you. 

Always remember to listen and pay attention to your local fire authorities and adhere to any fire restrictions posted. 

If you want to learn more about wildfire safety or want to look into fighting wildfires yourself, check out more informative posts on our blog!