There are over 1 million career and volunteer firefighters across the United States. If every one of them had Bendix King radios the world would be a much safer place. Bendix King radios are the optimal radio for fire personnel.

Out of all the different types of radios out there, none hold up under fire in the field better than a King. If you are in charge of supplying your firefighters or want to take communications into your own hands check out this guide.

Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Bendix King Radios. Only then can you outfit yourself, or your fire personnel, with the best possible communication technology on the market.

Bendix King Radios Are Portable

A lightweight small radio is essential. The portability of two-way radios has come a long way since their inception way back in 1907. Bendix King handheld radios embody the ultimate portable two-way radio technology.

The handheld units fit in the palm of your hand and are very lightweight. This makes them ideal for arduous use in the field. Bulky or heavy radios add to the already rigorous job of firefighting.

Bendix King Radios Are Sturdy

The average electronic device would never hold up under fire in the line of duty. A firefighter’s equipment will be exposed to intense heat, frequent drops, and environmental conditions like smoke, dust, or ash.

Only a Bendix King is sturdy enough to be up to the challenge of firefighting. Their hard plastic exterior and water-resistant design make them an ideal choice for even the most demanding of fire environments.

Bendix King Radios Are Functional

Firefighters need to be able to communicate over vast distances and rough topography. Bendix King radios have the range and technological capacity to broadcast transmissions even across mountain ranges.

You can use them in conjunction with a radio repeater to extend their range even further. If you want one of the most functional and reliable radios on the market look no further than a King.

Bendix King Radios Are Versatile

The versatility of King radios is what sets them apart from their competition. You can program channels into a King in the field by hand. You can also use a cloning cable to clone frequencies from an Incident Commander.

There are tons of different settings, channels, and groups on your Bendix King Radio. Every part of it is customizable as well from the antenna to the faceplate. You won’t find a more versatile fire tool anywhere.

Bendix King Radios Could Save Your Life

When the situation starts to get out of control, radio communication will be your lifeline. If you have an inferior radio that breaks down in the line of duty it could lead to the death of you or your fellow firefighters.

Fire radios have saved the lives of countless firefighters over the years. Don’t trust a knock-off brand with your life. Choose the most reliable radio around with a proven track record of working well in life-threatening situations.

Types of Bendix King Radios

There are many different classes of Bendix King Radios to choose from. Some are more conducive to field use while others are great for portable command posts. The following are some to consider for your operations.


The handheld King radio is the go-to communication tool for active wildland fire and structure fire resources in the field. It fits neatly into line gear or onto bunker gear/Nomex.

The handheld has many programmable frequencies that act much like radio stations. Firefighters can program them in the field or you can clone frequencies from a larger unit.

Mobile Unit

The mobile Bendix King unit is portable for vehicular use or field command posts. It is larger and has a larger range than its handheld cousin. This is an excellent choice for firefighters in an overhead position.

Roles like task force leaders, divisions, and captains tend to be tied to a vehicle more often than not. The mobile radio unit can serve as their eyes and ears as the incident progresses. It allows them to communicate with leadership better.

Fixed Base Station

The base station radio is the largest King radio available. It is the least portable but has the most functionality and range. This type of radio is ideal for Incident Command posts, fire stations, or dispatches.

With incredible range, versatility, and an easy-to-use interface this radio is great for Incident Commanders or Fire Chiefs. It works well in wildland and urban fire environments and is a staple radio for all emergency responders.

How to Use Your King Radio

All of the different types of King radios are easy to use no matter which type you select. All versions work through simple push-to-talk technology. You can change channels and groups for a wide spectrum of communication.

Consult your radio’s manual on additional features such as programming or cloning. Also, make sure to brush up on the basics of fire communications to ensure you can use your radio effectively.

Servicing Your Radio

It is inevitable that eventually, your radio will break down under the rigors of firefighting. You also need to maintain your radio to keep it functioning at optimal efficiency.

Only trust a certified King technician or professional government radio technician to service your radio. If you attempt to open your radio and conduct repairs yourself you will most likely break it even more.

Don’t Settle For Anything Less

Bendix King Radios are the ultimate firefighting tool. To use anything less would put you and your fellow firefighters in needless danger. No other brand of radio has a better track record in the field.

For all of your Bendix King radio needs make sure to contact us today for a quote. From purchasing new radios to servicing your existing ones we strive to be your trusted Bendix King provider.